Arlekin Casino prepared eleven VIP levels for you, mate. You get 1 Comp Point for each EUR40 of real bets in slots. Collect Comp Points and open new surprises from Arlekin with each level!


The very first Spade is Arlekin’s broken heart after parting with the love of her life. Over time, the withered black heart tightens and red veins of new life appear on it, gradually turning into a red healthy heart, blazing with life and love for all the players who were able to walk with Arlekin this way until the end of the VIP program.

0 - 49 CP
Mad Jester
50 - 150 CP
Joker’s Sidekick
150 - 300 CP
Explosive Hottie
300 - 500 CP
Reckless Fireballer
500 - 1000 CP
Bat Fighter
1000 - 2000 CP
Ace Thrower
2000 - 3500 CP
Hearts Piercer
3500 - 6000 CP
Liberated Libertine
6000 - 9000 CP
Rogues' Equal
9000 - 15000 CP
Queen of Crime
from 15000 CP
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